Hack Club

About our club

In our club, we will do many projects throughout the year to prepare you for success at hackathons.

Build your own personal website

Create your own beautiful website and publish it on the internet for free!

Build iOS and Android apps

Build your own dream fully fleged iOS and Android App with state of the art software that the leading app developers in the industry use.

Machine Learning

Take a deep dive in one the hottest topics in computer science, Machine Learning. You will learn how to use machine learning to solve real world issues in the industry such as the Healthcare industry.

Our club goal

Who we are?

At Fremont High, we want to build a community of FHS Hackathonists who have a passion in technology and want take their skills to the next level. At our club we make things. We help one another. We have fun. Join us today!

  • Expand your knowledge
  • Take your skills to the next level with us
Coming in 2020

Here is the club where we organize Hackathons.

Hackathon Club is the club where we will organize hackathons for Fremont High and the community!

Join the team

Members of our club will be part of organizing hackathons for our community.


We will have interviews for lead positions for the team organizing hackathons.

Our Sponsors

Meet our sponsors

We are very greatful for LazyDog, Jetbrains, Github and Stickermule for being our sponsors.

Meet the Team

Aryan Vichare

Founder, President & Web Designer

Sreeganesh Siva

Vice President

Samhith Kakarla

Vice President

Soham Manoli

VP of App Development

Atharva Berde

VP of Outreach

Mihir Marathe

VP of Curriculum